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The sixth edition of Memphis Current is dedicated to the Memphis College of Art, its teachers, faculty and students — past and present. In this issue we discuss the nuances of song-writing with indie rock band Daykisser. We take a bike ride through the Arkansas Delta with Joe Royer. We explore the history of the worst epidemic to plague Memphis–Yellow Fever. We’re guided on a tour of the First Unitarian Church of the River with Reverend Sam Teitel. We have a drink with Aldo Dean, the owner of Bardog Tavern, Aldo’s Pizza Pies, Slider Inn and Momma’s, and talk about his journey from New York to Memphis. We reflect on the drinking habits of yesteryear while discussing the cocktails of tomorrow with bartenders Paul Gilliam and McKenzie Nelson. As a tribute to the Memphis College of Art, all six of our featured artists are either alumnae or former staff members of the school. These artists are Sara Moseley, Adele Winn, Taylor Loftin, Kong Wee Pang, and Noah Miller.We hope you enjoy the sixth issue of Memphis Current as much as we enjoyed creating it. 

Cover Photo: Adele Winn This issue includes artwork by: Taylor Loftin, Kong Wee Pang, Adele Winn,  Sara Moseley, Noah Miller This issue includes Photography from: Marcus Menefee, Sam Prager, Bethany Reid This issue includes Writing from: Sam Prager, Ethan Williford, and Madison Miller, 

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