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Ruthie Williams and Buddy Fey-11.jpg
Ruthie Williams and Buddy Fey-11.jpg



In the ninth edition of Memphis Current we talk about Victor Sawyer’s journeythrough sobriety and music. We sit down with WYXR’s program manager, Jared Boyd, and talk music, radio and Memphis media. We have a pizza with Chef Parker Rose of Wiseacre’s Little Bettie. And we share a drink with the Larsons, the owners of Midtown’s Joe’s Wines and Liquors. This issue also features the artwork of Stacy Kiehl, Alex Williams and photographer Jamie Harmon. 

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Cover Photo: Jamie Harmon This issue includes artwork by: Stacy Kiehl, Jamie Harmon and Alex Williams This issue includes Photography from: Houston Cofield, Bethany Reid and Emilee Robinson This issue includes Writing from: Sam Prager and Ethan Williford

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