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Memphis Current is an arts and culture quarterly dedicated to bridging the gap between the city’s artists and small business owners to the consumers they serve. We believe that only through supporting the up-and-comers, the mom-and-pops and the relentless spirit that makes Memphis special can we continue to grow not just as a city, but also as a community. Not only do we aim to share the stories of the Memphians who are pushing the limits of the city, we want to introduce you to them. We hope our magazine can sit on your coffee table, but more importantly, we hope it leads to new people

surrounding it.



Sam Prager

Founder & Editor

Sam Prager has lived in Memphis for the entirety of his life and has subsequently become an eternal proponent of his hometown. As a practitioner of news, analysis and publication, Prager has written for a variety of Memphis outlets over his seven-year career. Though he specializes in entertainment, cultural and culinary writing, Prager delves into many fields as editor-in-chief of Memphis Current.

Madison Miller

Art & Marketing Director

Madison Miller is a Memphian and life long supporter of the arts.  She attended Memphis College of Art, and has now made a career out of promoting the growing arts community in Memphis.  Miller co-founded The Artist Commons, which is a grassroots organization dedicated to advocating for local artists while also giving them professional opportunities.  In addition to Memphis Current, Miller works at the Metal Museum, the only museum in the United States dedicated to the advancement of the art and craft of fine metalwork. 

Ethan Williford

Staff Writer

Williford is a native Memphian, local historian and documentary filmmaker with a focus on regional history, racial dynamics and urban forestry. Outside of Memphis Current, Williford works alongside the award winning filmmaker and author Robert Gordon. 

Andrew Woods

Staff Writer

Woods has worked directly in the wine and spirits industry for the past 5 years and is currently studying for his 2nd level sommelier certification. Outside of work, Woods spends his time between his Science-Fiction book club and trying to re-start the cult of Dionysus.