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We're joined with Brookelyn Culley, one of the organizers of ADS Fest 901 (Adopt Don't Shop!) to talk about the inaugural festival happening this Saturday, July 1st @ Memphis Current.

C: Why is "Adopt Don't Shop Fest" a must-attend event for animal lovers in Memphis?

BC: ADS Fest 901 is a must attend event for animal-lovers because, not only will they get to meet some very cute adoptable pups, but they'll also be providing much needed support to their local animal shelters and rescues who are struggling around this time of year.

Which local animal shelters are partnering with you for the event?

BC: We're partnering with Furgiven Animal Sanctuary, ALIVE Rescue, MAS(Memphis Animal Services), and Spay Memphis.

Chico from Furgiven Animal Sanctuary who will be present at the event

C: What can attendees expect to experience at "Adopt Don't Shop Fest”?

BC: Attendees can expect an all-day jam packed event with local vendors to shop, pup meet-n-greets, raffle prize give-a-ways, pet supply drive (donation booth), and live music to wrap up the night. They'll be serving up specialty cocktails and food the entirety of the event curated and served by some of Memphis' finest. The vendors will include local jewelry makers and vintage shops, and our featured rescues will be bringing in their finest pups for pets and cuddles.

The musical line up includes Memphis' very own Move Through, Gloom, MovieNight, Life Explicit, and WolfTalk, as well as a visit from Nashville natives Fabulous Fabulist.

Fabulous Fabulist of Nashville

C: Why did you decide to organize the "Adopt Don't Shop Fest" and what impact do you hope it will have on the lives of homeless animals?

BC: We wanted to put on this event to bring awareness to a great need in our city and the South in general when it comes to animal welfare and the lack thereof. Summer time means an influx of puppies and kittens coming into shelters that are already overflowing, under funded, and understaffed. When more people foster and/or adopt from these shelters and rescues instead of purchasing from breeders, not only are they saving a life, but they are directly helping their city and the people who care for it in a big way.

We also wanted to create an opportunity for folks to see the great work our featured organizations are doing and to educate those on the ways they can help or be helped.

C: What amenities does a ticket for entry provide?

BC: For $10 you can get a standard entry ticket into ADS Fest, but if you want extra perks and to show more support a $20 ticket will get you a complementary beverage at the bar, and a raffle entry for some incredible prizes from our sponsors.

100% of ticket sales goes directly to our featured rescues & shelters.

Wolf Talk of Memphis

C: Are there any other fun surprises we can expect at the event?

BC: We are so very lucky to have so many amazing sponsors this year who have donated some really cool prizes for our raffle including a dinner for four with pairings at any of the Enjoy AM restaurants (Catherine & Mary's, Bishop, Hog & Hominy, Andrew Michael's Italian Kitchen), Gift bundles/packages from Shangri-La Records, Wiseacre Brewing Co, Old Dominick Distillery, and Alma Del Jaguar, and gift cards from Cameo, Arrive Hotel, and Glamour Grooming & Boarding.

C: How else can people help?

BC: We'll also be doing a pet supply drive for the entirety of the event and will have a donation drop-off station to collect all the items the shelters/rescues are in need of.

Some useful items to donate are old blankets/towels/sheets, puppy pee pads, paper towels, dog food, cat food, treats, food bowls/dishes, pet toys, pet carriers & crates, dog & cat beds.


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